starting to clear trees (Aug. 13th-Sept. 12th 2005)
hole is dug (Sept. 12th-Sept. 14th 2005)
basement footings (Sept. 15th-Sept. 19th 2005)
basement walls being poured (Sept. 20th-Sept. 22nd 2005)
basement walls (Sept. 23rd 2005)
lower level prep (Oct. 13th-Oct. 20th 2005)
lower level in-floor heat (Oct. 24th 2005)
lower level cement in (Oct. 27th-Oct. 28th 2005)
lower level wood walls and mound (Oct. 31st-Nov. 4th 2005)
lower level wood walls almost done (Nov. 7th-Nov. 10th 2005)
upper level floor done (Nov. 11th-Nov. 23rd 2005)
upper level walls done (Nov. 24th-Dec. 2nd 2005)
roof progress (Dec. 3rd-Dec. 30th 2005)
roof on and most windows in (Jan. 1st-Jan. 22nd 2006)
rough in almost done (Jan. 22nd-Feb. 22nd 2006)
upper in-floor heat in & drywall/plaster almost done (Feb. 22nd-Apr. 2nd 2006)
painting, painting, painting... (Apr. 14th-Apr. 23rd 2006)
getting closer... (Apr. 24th-Jun. 11th 2006)

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